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The Association has always been trying hard to fulfill its objectives and obligations to render best services to its members. Some of these activities are summarized below:

A) All Rajasthan Plastics Directory

The Association pioneered the publication of All Rajasthan Plastics Directory in the years 2000, 2004 & 2007 to fill the void of such a compendium on Rajsthan plastic industry and trade.


A Bi-monthly Magazines are published by the Association in addition to the circulars on topical subjects relating to plastics and periodicals on their own as part of Association promotional activities.


Press Conferences are held and press releases are issued as and when required to give vent to the constraints and problems faced by the industry.


The Association arranges from time to time on the request of its members technical workshops particularly in collaboration with Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology (CIPET) and raw material producers on the following subjects:-

  • Plastic processing
  • Mould & Dies
  • Basic Polymer Science
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Strengths of material
  • Applied mechanics
  • Electrical & electronics

Engineering drawing Establishment of CIPET at Jaipur

The Association had pursued for the establishment of the CIPETat Jaipur for training, testing and tooling facilities for the industries of Rajasthan. On PMAR initiatives and efforts State Government had sanctioned the proposal of budgetary support and on approval of the Central Government, the CIPET has established their Centre at Jaipur.

Establishment of sub contracting exchange at Association Office

The Sub-contracting Exchange has been established in the office of PMAR by Govt. of India to collect, preserve and analyze vital statistics and data relating to plastics trade, commerce and industry including national and international trends of plastic industry, monitor availability of raw materials and prices to help SSI Units in their marketing and over all growth.


with an over growing membership enrolled (1000 SSI Units) is now regarded in the state as the nerve center of the industry. With its over more than two decades experience and activity, the Association as effective catalyst has consolidated the essentials of dynamism and guide charting new strategies and thrusts, not only for the industry and Rajasthan economy in general but it also provides new vistas and impetus to the plastics industry, 95% of which belong to the tiny and SSI units. PMAR represents more than 700 active member units of Plastic Industry from all over Rajasthan. It is only mass base organization in the State having maximum representations in Plastic trade and industry community.